Mysterious Saturn pin

Does anyone know anything about the artist or the artwork on this pin? It appears to be some type of a fan-made item but I never saw this artwork style anywhere. Is this some type of a doujinshi item?

Thanks in advance for any information

Princess Sailor Moon doll outfit

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I want to make a Princess Sailor Moon outfit for a regular Sailor Moon doll. I already have gloves and the suit part done but I need advice on how to make a tiara and boots. I have red boots from Sailor Moon Italian doll but they got white out on them and are a super sticky mess. Is where a way to remove the white out without damaging the boots? Also what paint is best to use to repaint them (they need to be painted white)?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

The picture is from here:

Finally some progress

So what's new? While I started casting the older designs I realized that the gems won't stay on properly or might fall off too easy. So I stripped the primer and added little settings for each gem. Was a bit of a pain but you will not lose any of the gems and I think even in the rough it already looks better.

Pluto's earring and Neptune's choker ornament are ready to be casted. Chibi Moons odango things are looking better too. And I also found good sized pearls for the feather hairpieces.

Changing designs

I am working on a couple Sailor Moon props again and I can't make up my mind on how to make the feather hair ornaments.
The design varies in pictures so I just wanted to know which way do you prefer:

All three "pearls" the same size (2 votes)

three different sizes (9 votes)

I found it to be 50/50 in the pictures and I like both versions so please help me with your vote!

Just wondering...

For discussion's sake:
What is your favorite type of custom item? Dolls? Kits? Usable items?
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What custom item have you always wanted to make or have made for you?

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Any items you tried to customize which turned out better than expected (or, if you're brave enough, to admit horrible defeat/failure?)
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Oh, and feel free to post pictures, sketches, or whatever if you want haha...

If this post is somehow not OK then it can be altered or deleted.

Chibi Lady


Hello All!

This is my first post in SMCustom <3
I've slowly been building up a small collection of fanmade Jewelry Pieces (that i'm selling on etsy XD )

I've made Silver Crystals, Pink moon Crystals, Senshi crystals, moon earrings, Chibiusa earrings, a Variation on Chibiusa's time key necklace, some Mercury Jewelery and some other stuff :3

I'm working on getting a page of individual pics up, so for now you get my Mess pic :D
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SM inspired canvas :)

I was having an awful day, so I pretty much confined myself inside my house. Since I'm finished school and haven't started my summer internship yet, I had some time for myself. To keep my mind preoccupied  I decided to finally get to work on something that I have been thinking about for a few weeks. HERE IT IS! I had a vision in mind and unfortunately it did not materialize. Oh well...even though it ended up looking a bit more childish than I wanted it to I know what to do for next time.

What do you guys think? Can you catch where I got my inspiration from? Obviously Sailor Moon since it is here... but there is something specific that I was aiming for. I didn't want to replicate it...just grab some inspiration from it. What do you think that was?

Here's a hint..... it's a sequence.  ;)


Ayakashi/Phantom Sisters Custom Dolls

Alright so these are custom dolls for the Ayakashi Sisters or The Four Phantom Sisters (for those of you who watched the dub) from the R season. I'm a sucker for these characters since they are pretty much my favorite villains from the Sailor Moon series, so I'd say I paid a bit more than I wanted to. I do plan to fix them up a little bit since in my mind some of the things are off. Let's just say the pictures actually did/do the dolls more justice. They aren't terrible but they are missing certain important things and some of the paint is off. Oh well I still love them and they are the closest I'm gonna get since barely anything official ever came out for them. -.- Now I just need to fix them a bit and they should be okay :)
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